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Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee? Petscareer 2022

Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee? Have you ever had the experience of bringing home what you thought was an expensive piece of furniture, only to realize that your dog has turned it into his personal potty? If so, you’re not alone, and there are ways to keep your dog from peeing on your stuff- even if he’s been genetically engineered to do so. One way to do this is to use vinegar, which makes pee more difficult to smell, thereby discouraging dogs from going near it in the first place. Here’s what you need to know about using vinegar as a pee repellent!

Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee
Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee

Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee?

Dogs are famous for their incredible sense of smell and can easily detect if someone has been in your home. Well, maybe not that kind of smell. Dogs can smell cancer, locate missing people and even detect early onset bladder and kidney disease! So why is there so much debate about whether or not vinegar attracts dogs to urine? There’s no arguing with science, though – here’s how nature proves once and for all whether or not vinegar really attracts dogs to pee. Keep reading below, because you’ll soon find out just how good those canine noses really are!

How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the House

You’ve probably heard that vinegar is a natural urine odor remover, but did you know that if you use enough of it, your dog may mistake his or her own scent for another animal’s and avoid marking in that area? The logic behind using vinegar is simple: You’re changing out an old smell with something new. Start by washing areas where Fido pees with water and apple cider vinegar before letting them dry completely. If your pup already has accidents inside, spray or soak spots with vinegar. (Be careful not to use harsh chemicals!) Within weeks, his nose will register that those spots are off-limits.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell for Good!

If you’ve got a puppy that is still learning, accidents are bound to happen. But did you know that male dogs can detect female canine urine from over 1 mile away? And if you think your dog only marks his territory on fire hydrants and tree trunks, think again! Urine can permeate through carpeting, subflooring, concrete walls, and even wood fences. It’s strong stuff!

Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee
Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee

Keep Vinegar Away From Dogs!

Many people use vinegar as an eco-friendly alternative for cleaning everything from countertops and floors to tile grout and toilets. If you’re using vinegar to get rid of stinky smells in your home, though, make sure you keep it far away from your pets—especially dogs. Vinegar is harmful if ingested and can cause serious damage to animals. So, no matter how thirsty Rover gets during dinner prep, never give him access to that bottle of white wine or apple cider vinegar; both could seriously harm him. As well as causing internal injury, some cases have shown that undiluted household vinegar can destroy an animal’s red blood cells almost immediately—the stuff really packs a punch!

Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee
Does Vinegar Attract Dogs to Pee


Vinegar – Not Just for Salad Dressing Anymore!

A lot of people use vinegar for various purposes from canning food, cleaning, and even home remedies. It turns out that not only is vinegar effective in removing stains from clothing and carpeting, but it’s also an effective deterrent for dogs! If you’ve got an unwanted puddle or pile in your yard, just add some vinegar and water to a spray bottle and go over those areas once every day or two until they’re gone. Your pup won’t know what hit him.

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