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Traditional tourist cities, like financial hub Shanghai or panda hotspot Chengdu, remain popular, but with more options than ever before, curious travelers are propelling obscure destinations into the spotlight.

This includes the towns of Zibo and Weifang in eastern China, which recorded the highest growth in travel bookings alongside Xuzhou and Nantong in Jiangsu province.

Bookings for international excursions on Fliggy also hit an all-time high for the Labor Day holiday, more than tripling the previous record set during the Spring Festival this year.

“We believe that as international flight capacity recovers, outbound travel will continue to rise, building on the current significant growth,” Wang added.

Cheaper international flights contributed to a 46.2% decrease in the average cost of overseas travel.

Day trips to prominent sites, such as Phuket and Similan in Thailand or the Sabah Kota Kinabalu Red Forest in Borneo, are among the most popular types of tour reservation.

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