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Also on Wednesday, Alibaba Cloud said it would cut the price of its core products and services in China by 15% to 50%, its biggest fee cut in history.

The price cut is to bring the benefits of shifting to the cloud to its partners, cut the cost of cloud use to further expand public cloud use in China, it said at the summit.

Earlier this month, Alibaba Cloud revealed its plan to integrate the large language model Tongyi Qianwen into applications across Alibaba’s ecosystem.

It revealed last week that users will be able to access over 10 AI-powered functions on Alibaba’s enterprise communication platform DingTalk, as part of the integration. A custom chatbot can handle requests for users, from creating to-do lists, generating chat summaries, to drafting campaign posts.

Users can also train their chatbots by feeding them materials and having the bots learn on their own.

Also from last week, Alibaba’s auto-operating system AliOS started to integrate the AI model into the system for internal testing. The move can help enhance programming efficiency with AI-generated coding and allows users to build customized applications in the operating system.

Alibaba-backed premium electric vehicle company IM Motors will be the first auto brand to pilot the AI-powered operating system, according to a release from Alibaba Cloud.

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