Transcript - Pets Career House


Ryan Zhu: The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on people’s daily work and life. Consumers worldwide have become highly concerned about health issues. What we eat and the nutrients we take in should be personalized. However, the current food industry is mass-produced, and everyone eats the same things.

I used to be a researcher who worked on chip production, material science and engineering, and intelligent manufacturing. I believe that personalized and precise diets will be in huge demand in the future. Based on this mission, we created Moodles.

Moodles combines molecular gastronomy and 3D printing technology to create a wide variety of food products. We can print high-quality proteins into globally beloved shapes such as noodles, rice, hamburger patties and tacos.

We produce products for consumers who pursue a healthy lifestyle. We can help people who require precise control of nutrient intakes. We can even produce infant and toddler food supplements. We have achieved the perfect combination of health and taste.

Tmall is the largest and most recognized e-commerce platform in China, where most global consumer brands choose to open stores to sell their products to Chinese customers. At Moodles, we also hope to better showcase our brand image on the Tmall platform, while providing consumers with a more convenient and efficient shopping experience.

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